As a growing teenager, in their later teen years, it can be tough to identify exactly what we wish to do with our lives. After all, some people don’t really figure this out by their forties or even beyond, while others may spend twenty years doing one thing and then decide on something completely different.

Other people never really find ‘one perfect thing’ they wish to do, and are quite happy to try role after role as they develop and become better and more competent in their willingness to take risks.

In other words – don’t worry, because with the right attitude you’re sure to find some kind of stability and worth no matter what you do.

But how can you even identify what kind of work you’d like to do, to begin with? After all, we have to make some decisions sooner or later, and so deliberating this ahead of time can help us feel more informed when we move in a certain direction.

For example, is University the place for you, or do you intend to hone your skills by seeking an apprenticiship?

In this post, we’ll discuss three insights for deciding on this topic:

What Impact Would You Like To Have?

The work we do has an impact, no matter what we think of that. Of course, you don’t have to be some massive industry-spanning influential figure in order to make a difference.

A great server at a restaurant can make a massive difference in the experience someone has enjoying an evening out, and that’s not anything. But perhaps you wish to help people in a certain way, one that allows for career-spanning developments while truly helping people in need. A new online care certificate might be the most worthwhile step in that direction, for example.

What Day To Day Lifestyle Would You Like To Lead?

This is a worthwhile question because depending on the kind of work you do, your day-to-day experience can wildly differ. Are you someone who is happy to work in an office, taking on complex projects and using the power of your imagination and productivity to design and implement software?

Or do you wish to be offline, outside, and tackling conservation efforts, spending time in nature, and getting great exercise? The day-to-day lifestyle is what you’ll really have to grapple with, so make sure it has elements that are appealing to you.

What Education Would Stimulate You?

It’s healthy to think of a career path not only as a means by which to curate a year-long job, but a field of study you can improve in, become fascinated by, and learn the craft of. For instance, learning to be a chef may invite very long hours and tough working conditions, but they do it for the love of food, for the ability to create gorgeous dishes and the art form associated with this.

As you can see, professional passion can help you through even tough working conditions should you opt for it.

With this advice, we hope you can identify what kind of work you may like to do going forward, or at least, come to that decision more easily.