Pretty much every parent would love their children to get out and exercise so that they are fit and strong. Exercise has so many benefits, from protecting your child’s health and improving their immune system to making them feel better and happier.

A great way to ensure that your child is taking exercise is getting them involved in a sport. If your child is involved in sport, they will automatically have a little community of friends that they play sport with.

They will learn about team effort and how everyone contributes towards a win, even if they’re not the one scoring the goal.

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What Does Your Child Enjoy?

It may be difficult, but you need to find something that your child will enjoy playing. If you love watching football ad watch the time, but your kid loves karate, try to embrace karate for their sake. If you don’t do this, you could end up putting them off sport altogether and possibly even start resenting you.

You can clearly suggest sports, but ultimately you need to go with their choice. You never know, they may get bored of it and love football in a couple of years.

Introduce Sport Casually

Perhaps you could take your child for a kick around down the park, or maybe at a family event, you could take a cricket bat and some stumps. If you can make sport seem a lot of fun, then this is half the battle. 

Try not to overdo it

Although it may be very tempting to throw everything into their passion for a sport and begin signing them up for every event possible. You need to hold back. Pushing too hard may have the opposite effect, and they may end up feeling guilty if they are not very good at it.

Be supportive but also encourage other areas. If they do end up having a talent and wanting to take it further, tackle that bridge if and when it comes. 

Go to Events Together 

If you want to encourage their love for sport, take them to as many sporting events as you can. If they can see how games are played and enjoy the atmosphere and the whole show of it, it may help to encourage a shy child to join in with a sport as they will have a brand new perspective on it. Something far more powerful than watching something on the television.

Take a look and see what’s on. Perhaps there is a local BMX track, or possibly a marathon running through your town. A sporting event is a great way to bring people together, and you will be able to bond with your child too.

Buy Equipment 

Whatever sport your child chooses, you need to make sure that they have all the right gear. Without it, they will not be able to participate properly and won’t be protected adequately. You don’t have to buy everything first hand or top quality. Take a look at the second-hand market you can generally find everything you need there.