As parents, one of our primary goals is to expose our children to a variety of experiences so that they can have full and happy lives. Recently, though, that’s been difficult.

The pandemic means that there is now a whole generation of kids who haven’t really been able to get out and explore the world. And that’s a tragedy. 

Fortunately, things are going to change rapidly over the coming months and there may well be some semblance of normality shortly. And that means it’s time to introduce your kids to new experiences. Here’s what should be on the agenda.



children playing in a tent


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Living in an apartment in a big city – or even on a residential street – takes you a long way from nature. Everything is just so convenient that most kids never have to work for anything. They spend their entire youth learning, doing homework, and playing video games. 

Camping, though, reminds young people that life wasn’t always like it is during this pandemic. There’s a whole natural world out there, with unique sounds, smells, and sights. And it’s just about as different as you can get from suburbia. A week on camp helps kids connect to nature and get back in touch with their true spirits. 

Exchange Trips

Think back to your days at school. What were your top five memories? Chances are, many of them involve school residential trips

These trips are different because they break the daily routine. Suddenly, children find themselves in an alien culture and location and have to adapt to it. The change helps to focus the mind, accelerate learning, and generally make their lives more enjoyable. You’ll often find that kids are buzzing once they get back from an experience like this because it challenges their expectations. Plus, they tend to sleep well too. 

Family Vacations

mother and children at lake

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Family breaks can feel stressful while you’re in the midst of them. But they’re actually a gift for your children – something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. 

Again, the reason for this comes from the fact that vacations are a break from the norm. They’re a chance for kids to experience something new. 

Remember, time almost stands still for children. To them, school terms feel like they drag on forever, never-ending. When they finally do, it feels almost magical. 

Vacations, therefore, are rare events for kids, even if they’re just a few months apart. And they can open your children’s eyes to new foods, traditions, weather, and entertainment. 

Tree Climbing

Why do kids climb trees? Well, partly it probably has something to do with our tree-dwelling ancestors. But mainly it’s because it’s hard. Kids love a good challenge, and climbing a tree is it. Every time, they scale a branch, they want to grab the next one and hoist themselves even higher. 

Trees provide a great vantage point for surveying the territory. They also allow kids who enjoy solitude to spend a little time alone. These kinds of experiences (and many more), can help to change your child’s outlook on life. They’re formative experiences that can help foster positive character traits as they grow up.