We’re not going to ask you whether you have been spending a lot of time at home lately: the entire planet has been spending time at home lately! Life has very much become all about the Zoom meeting. 

2020/2021 has put most people out of routine and normality is looking a little different from usual. We’re not going out to be more social, and we’re not visiting our favorite places anymore. We’re at home, and we’ve spent a lot of time this year working on whether we can get things done while we’re at home.

The thing is, as much as it’s fun to be indoors and get through the Netflix list, you need to be social and find things to do with your free time that actually make you happy. Thankfully, we’ve got the internet and the ability to still be social even when we can’t go out to bars or theme parks.

You need to connect to other people, and whether you choose to join an online casino or you choose to get on a Zoom meeting for a party, you need your time spent at home to feel like it means something. So, with this in mind, here are five ways that you can spend time being busy with your free time at home. Try them on for size and see how you feel about them all!

Image Source: Pexels

Start A Book Exchange.

you may all be stuck at home but that doesn’t mean that you have to be bored at the same time. Whether you are into podcasts or movies, you can’t go wrong with books. Join a community page on Facebook and ask everyone to dig out their books. List titles and every week, everyone flips a coin or uses a random name generator online to swap over books. You can then find a new point of discussion, a new way to discuss and you can then link up with people in your neighborhood with similar interests.

Video Workouts.

In the same way that you found book lovers locally, why not join up with a neighborhood group for online workouts? All of these community activities are going to encourage you to meet up once lockdown is all over with, and you can get fit and healthy at the same time. You can find an online personal trainer from anywhere around the world and start working out, or you can’t schedule YouTube workout classes together!

Host A Dinner

You don’t have to go to each other’s homes to enjoy drinks and dinner, and even if it seems like life is on hold right now, it doesn’t have to be. Choose a cuisine and get everyone together to cook that particular cuisine in their own home. Then, flick on Zoom and all enjoy a plate of whatever together. You can have a celebration with everyone, and you can enjoy long weekend get-togethers as a group when you have the technology to do it!

Learn To Cook

You could cook the basics and know-how to whip up a sandwich or two, but you should use the time at home to learn how to properly cook. From YouTube videos to ordering recipe books online, you can level up those cooking skills of yours and learn how to make something delicious that’s outside of your comfort zone.