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We’ve all been in this painfully annoying situation. You’re peacefully playing video games in your room, only for your parents to constantly complain about it. They say it’s not good for you or it makes you antisocial – despite the fact that gaming has probably helped you make numerous friends and develop a whole set of skills. 

It’s so irritating because your gaming habits aren’t harming anyone. Still, your parents bang on about you needing to game less if you want to pass your exams and get a good job. Wouldn’t it be great if you could shut them up? Well, it’s entirely possible that your love of gaming can help you make a living – and here’s how: 

Streaming/Content Creation

Like anyone with a gaming obsession, you spend your time watching streamers or content creators on YouTube and Twitch. These people are literally making thousands, possibly even millions from playing video games. 

Hey, it won’t be easy, but you could pursue a career in content creation and make a load of money. It’s all about building a following – once you have this, the sponsorships and contracts come rolling in. 

Working In The Video Game Industry

Another idea is to find a job within the video game industry. This is one of the biggest industries on planet earth, with all sorts of different jobs available. Find some video game recruiters and you’ll soon see the possibilities. 

You could get a job as a games developer, tester, or social media manager for a gaming company – the list goes on and on. It gives you a more ‘traditional’ job than content creation, which is perhaps easier for your parents to wrap their heads around. Still, you can rub it in their faces because you wouldn’t have gotten this job if it wasn’t for your gaming passion. 


Thirdly, you could pursue a career in eSports. Now, this might mean working for a professional eSports team, helping them make content, managing social media, etc. Or, it could mean you are a professional eSports athlete

If you are really good at a game, there is a chance you could go pro. Especially if you are always at the top of the ranked leaderboards. Sometimes, you actually play against pro players in your matches and come out on top. There’s a fair bit of money involved in the eSports scene and it’s growing year after year. So, all those hours of grinding your favourite game could end up paying off – and then some. 

The whole point of this post is to prove that your passion for gaming isn’t a bad thing. You’re not hurting anybody and you are gaining lots of valuable skills and knowledge in the process.

Parents can sometimes have very archaic views of what a child should do for a living when they grow up. It’s hard for them to process that something like gaming can be more than a hobby. But, these ideas show that there are chances to make a living playing video games. If you manage to do this, it’s the perfect way to shut your parents up!