Society changed quickly with the dawn of the internet era. While they were initially built to help with research, computers and other devices like smartphones have revolutionized the way everything is done. This is true both for business and personal interactions.

Teens to the web

One big change has been with social media. It became all the rage both with people and organizations who use it to remain readily available and widely visible. Teens have not been left out of the social media rage which is not going to calm down any time soon. If anything, more and more teens are being swept into the wave as webcam models.

According to a research report published by Pew Research Center on Teens, Social Media and Technology, 71% of teens are active on more than one social media platform. That was back in 2015. The numbers have gone up since then.

What is driving teens to become webcam models
Different teens have different reasons for wanting to become webcam models. However, the following five factors are the main ones;

1) Peer pressure

Peer pressure is old, but it is very much a factor in pushing impressionable teens towards or away from one thing or the other. The pressure can be virtual or it can be from actual friends. It is easy to sway a teen who is half-child and half-adult and uncertain of themselves that becoming a webcam model will give them the acceptance and popularity they crave.

A report done on in April 2008 on parenting in relation to virtual peer pressure by WFMZ indicated that peer pressure is a big factor and this includes from adults.

2) Instant fame

Teens see celebrities and other people looking glamorous and living seemingly grand lives because they are so popular and they want that. The same report by WFMZ indicated that examinations done on teens using MRI indicated that a section of their brains became more active when they saw images that had a lot of likes but more so when the likes were theirs. It became like a drug they were hooked on.

3) Escape

Teens will also be lured into webcam modelling as a means of escape. Teens who are in dysfunctional homes or who fail to get constant, positive attention that gives them affirmation will seek to escape the feelings of inadequacy or loneliness. Webcam users know just what to say to lure such a teen.

This is captured by a report on why some teens are more vulnerable to technology addiction or abuse. The report done by Outback Therapeutic Expedition in 2015 indicated that teens may use the internet to escape difficult situations in their homes or lives.

4) Unaware parents or guardians

The Outback Therapeutic Expedition also indicated that the older generation doesn’t grasp of the lure of the internet. They know kids spend hours online, but they don’t know exactly what they are doing. Even worse, some may have a clue about potential dangers such as virtual paedophiles, but they fail to adequately address the problem such as blocking access to pornographic or suspect sites.

5) General acceptance by society

The changing standards of what is generally acceptable in society is also a factor. These days, nudity and violence are not frowned upon in movies, TV shows, and other entertainment channels that are popular with teens.

A Psychology Today report on why many teens are so anxious is indicated that patents and guardians are parenting in environments that are anxious rather than firm yet nurturing. When kids see and experience permissiveness in the older generation, they get right into it as well and activities like teen webcam modelling become the norm rather than abnormal.

Other reasons

There are other reasons, of course. For some teens, it is about making money, and for others, it is about being experimental or rebellious. Either way, it is definitely something that parents, role models as a whole, and society should have a conversation about.

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